The NBA Crews that Have the Best Record Section of All Time

Every year more and more people become interested in different sports. Some simply enjoy watching the matches of their favorite teams, while others are directly involved in these disciplines. This means that they are team members, constantly training and participating in competitions. But one thing unites both people involved in sports and those who just watch it. That’s what everyone wants to watch a great game. And this can only be done thanks to professional teams with great achievements.

This also applies to basketball. Basketball is no different from other sports in this respect. Here, too, people tend to watch only the most striking and spectacular matches that can bring a lot of pleasure. Many NBA teams in the US can be considered professional, but a few have better records. They are the ones to watch. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the list of teams to watch in the NBA.

List of Top NBA Crews


First Place – Los Angeles Lakers

This is one of the teams that has dominated the NBA in individual seasons and in general at all times. They constantly tried to get in the fight only the best athletes who were able to show outstanding results and become champions. But these are not the only merits. During the selection of athletes, the club’s management considers not only those who show good results but also those who, perhaps, have not yet revealed themselves and in the future will be able to become a real professional on the basketball field.

Thanks to this approach to the selection of athletes and the excellent work of managers, they constantly manage to create a great squad ready for any situation. The central crew is always balanced. That is, each athlete can replace the other. They try to build a coherent whole, which makes their game smooth, but at the same time, extremely aggressive.


Second Place – Boston Celtics

Next on our list is the Boston Celtics. They can easily be called one of the best crews in the NBA. In the history of tournaments and major leagues in the NBA, this is an organization that has been able to show huge results, sometimes even shocking people. So, in the history of the existence of this club, several seasons were included in the selection of not only the best performances of this crew but also the best performances among the entire NBA.
They have been at the top for several decades in a row and constantly continue to fight for the opportunity to become the first again. It is also worth noting the strategy of this club because this is one of the things that allows them always to be ready for any scenario. They carefully study the opponent’s playing style before each match and adapt their strategy if necessary.



Third Place-Chicago Bulls

Many may say that putting this crew on such a list may be wrong because now they do not show the results that they had before. Still, it is worth saying that it was the Chicago Bulls that made a considerable contribution to the development of the NBA itself and basketball. In the 90s, this crew was at the top. She gave people a lot of legendary basketball players, one of which is Michael Jordan. Their results were unsurpassed, so it is fair to put them on a par with other basketball teams.





Go and Learn More About These Crews

Now you know about several teams considered the best in the NBA. All that’s left to do is learn more about these clubs and watch at least a few basketball games. Perhaps you will like it, and you will become one of the fans of this team.